V 200 Series

VALÉREX 200 Drums

Balmer Lawrie – Van Leer Ltd. manufactures the state-of-the-art Valérex 200 drum, a product of Van Leer research center, the largest in the world, for industrial packaging. Valérex 200 drum is the first cylindrical High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene (HMHDPE) drum developed in the world. Valérex drums are extensively used worldwide due to maximum dimensional accuracy, stability, safety, reliability and adherence to international quality standards.

Balmer Lawrie – Van Leer Ltd. has a technical collaboration and equity participation with Van Leer of the Netherlands. (Currently known as Greif International Holding B.V) the biggest producer of industrial packaging worldwide and has 142 factories in 41 countries spanning 6 continents

Manufacturing Process and Consistent Manufacturing Standards

CValérex 200 drum is made by a unique state-of-the-art manufacturing process where the body of the container is extruded in the form of a tube, ends are injection moulded and joined to the tube by a special welding process to form the drum. The fully automated PLC controlled process guarantees highest quality standards, exact wall thickness and avoids weak areas due to uneven distribution of material common to conventional blow moulding process. Van Leer’s unique manufacturing process results in minimum variation in height, diameter, wall thickness and drum weight.


With U.N. certification across the range and the most stringent process control and quality assurance procedures, Valérex 200 drums offer the performance and reliability to meet your needs.

Colour Choice

Colouring is not just a matter of making the drum look good but can be important for safety and effective storage too. The Valérex 200 drum offers a unique choice of coloured ends, which can either match or contrast with the drum colours. Colour coding can help to identify hazardous chemicals from non-hazardous ones. It can also enable you to distinguish batches at a glance and product coding for better inventory management.


Valérex 200 drum offers an unbeatable large print area, over 80% of the container, for silk-screen printing. The decorative potential is unrivalled. An exceptionally smooth body surface enables even fine print instruction to be reproduced with excellent clarity. Safety handling handling instruction, warnings and advices can be clearly seen and read. Valérex maximises the visual impact of your products, projecting your brand image, and presenting your product in the most attractive way.

Balmer Lawrie – Van Leer’s own in-plant printing facility at Turbhe can undertake all silk-screen printing to your specification, and also offer a design consultancy service to help you make the most of the decorability of the Valérex 200 drum.

Handling, Stacking, Storage and Transportation

The Valérex 200 drum’s unique parallel body has been designed to take the knocks of even the toughest industrial environment. The consistent wall thickness of the Valérex 200 drum ensures added compression strength. The cylindrical body coupled with dimensional accuracy and a flat base offers maximum safety in stacking, storage and transportation, eliminating the danger of deformation. The design of the enlarged smother chimb gives improved grip for easier manual handling. It can be rolled, stacked, palltised or neatly containerised with an ISO freight container.

Optimum Emptyability, Reduced Waste and Less Potential Hazard

Stringent testing in controlled conditions with the new Valérex 200 drum shows that, when emptied at an angle of 20°, less that 50 ml of liquid residue remains. Improved emptyability means less waste all round. The Valérex 200 drum will give your customers more chemicals than your competitors can in each and every drum. In total, that adds up to real savings. Even more important, it means reduced concern and worry about the levels of potentially hazardous waste left behind, ensuring a cleaner, safer environment for all.
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