V 20 Series

VALÉREX 20/25 Litre Containers

State-of-art Valérex 20/25 Litre HMWHDPE drums, which are recognised the world over, is one of the prime product manufactured by Balmer Lawrie – Van Leer Ltd. in India. These drums are manufactured under technical collaboration with Royal Packaging Industries Van Leer B.V (currently known as Greif International Holding B.V) who is one of the largest Steel Drum and Plastic Drum manufacturers in the world, having manufacturing plants in over 38 countries. Valérex Drum manufacturing plant has been set up at Turbhe, Navi Mumbai and Dehradun, Uttrakand.

Consistent Performance

Consistent quality and unique decoration potential has proven to be the perfect combination for many companies abroad, who refuse to compromise with anything less than the best. They insist on Valérex Containers, which meet prescribed international standards. The unique manufacturing process results in minimum variations in height, diameter, wall thickness and drum weight.

As a consequence, performance is of the same high standard from batch to batch. The consistency of the Valérex drum makes it suitable for all automated filling lines and capping operations where size variations are often critical.

During production there are different tests to ensure that the offered Valérex Drum will meet the strict quality requirements. Weld Quality of each drum us tested by shear action pressure. Internal pressure test screens for possible leakages. Random checks are carried out for drop, hydrostatic pressure and handle snatch test. The continuous in-process checks combined with the rigorous testing each drum undergoes before despatch, results in consistent quality of the highest level.


Valérex 20/25 litre containers match the high performance with good looks. Over 80% of the smooth body surface can be silk-screen printed in upto two colours (or more using split silk screens). The quality of reproduction enables product indentification of even the most complex design with startling, eye-catching results. Offering a decoration potential that’s not available with most other plastic containers, the Valérex drum range conclusively proves that industrial packaging need not be dull.

It’s not just a question of adding impact and colour to packaging. The clarity of the fine print improves safety handling instructions and warnings, reducing the risk of accidents or incorrect storage of products. Safety labels can be incorporated into the overall design when required. Valérex drums can be supplied in a range of body colours, with the choice of matching or contrasting ends. These are particularly valuable for companies wishing to colour code different products, or to reflect corporate image.

The decoration of Valérex drums is supported by a design consultancy service. In liasion with customers, they can advise on the most effective ways to maximise the display potential of Valérex containers.

Stacking Strength

Valérex drums match proven reliability, security and marketing impact with ease of handling, storage and distribution. Every container incorporates an integral purpose built chimb for safe, secure stacking upto six high. A large easy-grip handle facilitates handling.

Range Of Drums

Whether you choose a 20 or 25 litre drum, you will find they enhance the quality of your product. You can choose standard, intermediate, heavy duty or UN 2 performance Valérex drums. These drums meet the stringent requirement of international specifications like UN, RID, ADR etc.

Tamper Evident Closure

For added security, tamper-evident closure is fitted as a standard closure to the Valérex drums. As a Valérex drum user, you will have the added security and peace of mind of knowing that your products will arrive at their destination in the same condition they left your premises.
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