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As a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging, we felt Van Leer could improve on existing designs for Rigid Intermediate Bulk Containers. The result is the UniCUBE container, a unique 1,000 liter IBC.



UniCUBE: a coextruded bottle
Van Leer applies state-of-the-art technology to produce the most versatile IBC bottle available: an advanced blow moulding process with coextrusion of two different types of high density polyethylene. The outside layer provides the necessary strength and UV-protection. It may be coloured, if needed with a sightline. For the inside layer we use polyethylenes with resistance to various kinds of chemicals. This process results in a light, but strong bottle.
For the UniCUBE container, Van Leer has developed a completely new 2-inch ball valve which is easily interchangeable.
UniCUBE: a robust cage
Extensive research has led to a robust but lightweight design of the cage. The frame is made of tubular thermo-galvanised steel, coated with a protective layer of transparent varnish. It is hard to knock a UniCUBE container out of shape. Special attention was given to joints and welds to prevent corrosion. The bottom plate has a special dome shape, to obtain optimal drainage (patent pending).
UniCUBE: a choice of pallets
The pallet is made of wood or steel (the same quality steel as the cage) and can be accessed four ways. The cages of the UniCUBE containers are secured to the pallet in a unique way (patent pending). This makes it easy to exchange pallets. The UniCUBE container's outside measurements conform to all interational standards.
The UniCUBE container can also be stacked together with IBC's of other major brands.
UniCUBE: your benefits

Van Leer's UniCUBE container is UN certified. It meets all United Nations Chapter 16 recommendations for packaging groups II & III. UniCUBE containers are completely safe for carrying a wide range of products.
UniCUBE containers can be stored four high. UniCUBE containers can be stacked two high in ISO sea containers.
UniCUBE containers can be used over and over again. The UniCUBE container can be refitted with a new bottle, cage or pallet: a completely modular design.

We always welcome the opportunity to discuss special requirements. Together we can develop the UniCUBE container to fit your needs. Just let us know....
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