4S®-Closure System

Closures for Metal Containers

For over 85 years, steel drums fitted with Tri-Sure® closures have set the international standard and they continue to do so. Our innovative Tri-Sure® 4s® double washer system creates an “airbag” for your drum. Each metal flange is fitted with two rubber washers to prevent leakage more effectively.


  • The Tri-Sure® 4s® closure system reduces your liability exposure.
  • The drum manufacturer can supply drums performing to the highest global standards.
  • Global manufacturing footprint ensures trouble-free supply.
  • Drum fillers can rest assured that the drums’ content is sealed with maximum security.
  • Everyone will benefit from a hazard-free environment.
  • The wider chemical resistance of the two washers combined can help you to reduce your number of drum and closure specifications.
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